Launch of Wander The Workhouse

We are delighted to invite you to “Wander The Workhouse” on 28th July. This preview event will provide us with a chance to see large numbers of visitors interact with the experience for the first time, and understand any last minute tweaks that need to be made before being released to the public. Subsequently, Wander The Workhouse will be available to visitors two days a week during August as part of the Re-imagining the Workhouse initiative.

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Creating magic indoors

The Wander The Workhouse experience spans the indoor and outdoor spaces at Southwell. Visitors start by choosing a character to follow, then can explore indoors or outdoors from the perspective of that character. In this post, we focus on the challenge inside The Workhouse to bring rooms alive in ways that are appropriate to the building’s history, while dealing with the practicalities of powering and networking any technology that we use to do so.

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Introducing Wander the Workhouse

Welcome to the first in a series of updates from the research team behind the “Wander the Workhouse” project.

Wander the Workhouse is one of Horizon’s agile projects – a set of short projects exploring impact outside of academia, within the Connected Media theme. Having kicked off in the spring of 2016, the project is working hard to produce a novel mobile experience for visitors to the Workhouse at Southwell, combining location-based technologies with interactive visual markers, to allow visitors to access hidden narratives inside the Workhouse as well as outdoors in the Workhouse grounds.

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